R3BRoot Update

This page explains how to update your R3BRoot installation, that is, how to fetch new functions and fixes from the main repository.

For simple "clones" of main repository.
  1. cd into your R3BRoot directory
  2. git pull
For developers, working with forked repository on GitHub.

For more elaborated instructions on "Sync your feature branch", look for link to documentation about Git Workflow.

  1. cd into your R3BRoot directory
  2. commit your unstaged changes
  3. git fetch mainrepo
  4. git rebase mainrepo/dev
  5. git push origin

Check whether you are still using the latest fairsoft and fairroot directories (as described on the installation page). If not, create a new build directory and set the new paths as described on the installation page.

After major updates, when you want to keep the existing build directory, it is recommended to delete CMakeCache.txt file, where the cmake configuration is saved.

Values of SIMPATH and FAIRROOTPATH environment variables, used in the last configuration, are saved in env_cache.sh file. When config.sh returns an error due to system upgrade, you can restore them by just typing:

. ./env_cache.sh

and then execute cmake configuration as usual.