Important Update - FairRoot v-15.11c

Third patch of FairRoot v-15.11c is released. It includes important features for R3BRoot users.

Possibility to change output tree name. For the R3BRoot framework tree name in output ROOT file is now changed from cbmsim to evt.

Change in initialisation scheme of a data source and unpackers/readers. Every concrete instance of R3BReader class can now re-implement functions SetParContainers() and ReInit(), which allows usage of parameters during data unpacking. These modifications in R3BUcesbSource make dev version of R3BRoot from May 20-th 2016 being compatible only with FairRoot v-15.11c and later. Usage of Ucesb interface with older FairRoot version will not work.

User can now set run id number in a steering macro - highly recommended, otherwise a random generated run id will be used. To do so, e.g. run->SetRunId(269);

A user task or a reader can now control writing of an event within Exec()/Read() methods. To skip writing the event to output, use: FairRun::Instance()->MarkFill(kFALSE); You will need #include "FairRun.h" in this source file.

Details on how to update your R3BRoot can be found in "Install"->"R3BRoot Update" and in "Repository"->"Git Workflow" (section "Sync your feature branch" in the documentation).
Mentioned release of FairRoot is already installed on cvmfs at GSI. Consult page "R3BRoot Installation" from "Install" menu.