FairSoft jul15p1 and FairRoot v-15.07 on GSI Machines

FairSoft jul15p1 and FairRoot v-15.07 are centrally installed at GSI and are accessible from wheezy and squeeze machines. Additional configuration of compiler is required due to outdated standard version. In order to build R3BRoot using these installations, following commands are required:

module use /cvmfs/it.gsi.de/modulefiles/
module load compiler/gcc/4.8.4
export CC=gcc
export CXX=g++
export SIMPATH=/cvmfs/fairroot.gsi.de/gcc_4.8.4/fairsoft/jul15p1
export FAIRROOTPATH=/cvmfs/fairroot.gsi.de/gcc_4.8.4/fairroot/v-15.07_fairsoft-jul15p1

Check whether cvmfs file system is mounted on your machine:

ls -l /cvmfs/fairroot.gsi.de/gcc_4.8.4/fairroot

When calling the cmake of r3broot, additional option has to be set:


in order to properly generate the config.sh file.