FairSoft Installation

FairSoft, or external packages - is a collection of third-party software which is required by FairRoot and R3BRoot. It includes boost, Geant3, Geant4, ROOT, etc.


Stable versions (releases) can be downloaded from GitHub.

Building prerequisites

Linux: cmake, subversion, git, xorg-dev, libglu-dev, gfortran, libssl-dev, libcurl-dev, automake, autoconf, libtool
macOS: link to prerequisites

Installation procedure

On the GSI Linux Cluster FairSoft is already installed under


On an external computer: (you may take advantage of automated installation of all software parts, more details here)

  1. mkdir FairSoft
  2. cd FairSoft
  3. tar -xzf FairSoft-VERSION.tar.gz
  4. mkdir build-VERSION
  5. cd FairSoft-VERSION
  6. ./configure.sh

This will start compilation and installation script with interactive menu for configuration.
Recommended configuration (choices in interactive menu):

  • Compiler - 1 (gcc) for Linux or 5 (clang) for OS X
  • No Debug Info - 1
  • Install Simulation Engines - 1
  • Download Geant4 data files from Internet - 2
  • Do not build Python bindings - 2
  • Installation path - YOUR_PREFIX/FairSoft/build-VERSION
  • Check the installation path and confirm - 2

After successful installation, the message "*** End installation of external packages without Errors***" will be printed in the Terminal.