FairSoft Installation

FairSoft, or external packages - is a collection of third-party software which is required by FairRoot and R3BRoot. It includes boost, Geant3, Geant4, ROOT, etc.


Stable versions (releases) can be downloaded from GitHub.

In order to avoid lengthy build procedures for local installations, we conveniently provide Docker images for FairSoft and FairRoot.
Please refer to the Docker installation documentation.

Building prerequisites

Linux: cmake, subversion, git, xorg-dev, libglu-dev, gfortran, libssl-dev, libcurl-dev, automake, autoconf, libtool
macOS: link to prerequisites

Installation procedure

On the GSI Linux Cluster FairSoft is already installed under


On an external computer: (you may take advantage of automated installation of all software parts, more details here)

  1. mkdir FairSoft
  2. cd FairSoft
  3. tar -xzf FairSoft-VERSION.tar.gz
  4. mkdir build-VERSION
  5. cd FairSoft-VERSION
  6. ./configure.sh

This will start compilation and installation script with interactive menu for configuration.
Recommended configuration (choices in interactive menu):

  • Compiler - 1 (gcc) for Linux or 5 (clang) for OS X
  • No Debug Info - 1
  • Install Simulation Engines - 1
  • Download Geant4 data files from Internet - 2
  • Do not build Python bindings - 2
  • Installation path - YOUR_PREFIX/FairSoft/build-VERSION
  • Check the installation path and confirm - 2

After successful installation, the message "*** End installation of external packages without Errors***" will be printed in the Terminal.