Create Mapping for Unpacker

Mapping file describes the scheme how the raw MBS data is mapped to a physical detector channel, as a C structure with data members.

Example mapping file for NeuLAND Tacquila

A line in the mapping file can look like following:

SIGNAL(NNP06_09_2E, neuland_tacq.data_sam6_gtb0.tac[5][1], DATA12);

Where the value from hardware channel, described in tacquila spec file, "neuland_tacq.data_sam6_gtb0.tac[5][1]" is mapped to "E" data member of plane 6, bar 9, 2-nd side.
Mapping file for a detector can be created manually or automatically (depending on the number of channels) using cfg_sig_beam.hh file from land02 version for particular experiment.

Generate struct description for R3BRoot

After the mapping file is created, it should be included into unpackers general spec-file, and the unpacker has to be recompiled.
In order to generate the structure definitions needed for Ucesb reader in R3BRoot, run following command in the unpacker directory:


and move the generated file ext_h101.h into r3bsource folder of your R3BRoot working directory.
For more details you can read Readme file on GitHub.